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We live in a world that has environmental problems, from the air we breath to the water we drink. Air pollution from cars, industrial plants, ozone, etc. tends to be out of our control, while securing the source of drinking water is poised serious problems due to wide-spread contamination in rivers with toxic chemicals and disease-causing bacteria. In addition, our food is nowadays grown by using chemical fertilization and pest control pesticides, and many of us choose to consume more and more processed foods instead of fresh foods. Consequently, combined with the stress of everyday life under ever-challenging environment, our desire for a foundational health has never been greater.

Far Infra-Red (FIR) rays from the sun and other environmental sources is well known to be the most beneficial natural energy source for the human body growth. Recently it has been discovered that ACTIVA emits very high levels of FIR rays with the wave length of 7-20 µm, that is similar to the electronic wave (approx. 10 µm) of water molecules. Accordingly, FIR from ACTIVA vibrates hydrogen and oxygen bonds of the water molecule, and activates the water to an energetic ionic water. Since the human body is comprised of approx. 70% water, ACTIVA imparts the vital role in a foundational health by Balancing, Stimulating, Strengthening, Enhancing and Protecting.

ACTIVA is designed to:
  • Balance ......... your metabolism
  • Stimulate ........ your enzyme activity
  • Strengthen ..... your immune system
  • Enhance ........ your micro-circulatory system
  • Protect ........... your tissues and cells against challenges

Comparison of ACTIVA with Conventional Drugs

ACTIVAConventional Drugs
Naturally-occurring hydrated inorganic salts Chemically synthesized product
Treatment via physical processes
(no deposit)
Treatment via chemical reactions for specific diseases by ingestion
No limitation in dosage Limitations in dosage, frequency, etc.
No side-effect and after-syndrome Some side-effects and after-syndromes
Alleviates symptoms and causes Alleviates symptoms
Requires clinic experiments only for dosage, frequency and ingestion period Requires clinical experiments


Activa BioGreen

Activa is comprising of the igneous crystalline minerals formed naturally via a prehistoric volcanic eruption and subsequent prolonged hydrothermal transformation processes. Activa has the capability of emitting a life-invigorating FIR light for the application to the enhancement of fermentation of micro-organisms, water and wastewater treatments and agricultural productions.

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