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The ACTIVA system has been developed to adsorb radioactive nuclear wastes by 99.53% under pH-controlled conditions, and to vitrify them below 1,150ºC in the melter for immobilizing radioactive sources (Cs-137 and Co-60), providing advantages as follows:

  • The capacity of solidification at relatively low temperature
  • Low viscosity of the molten glass
  • Moderate electric conductivity
  • Meeting the requirement of US DOE Product Consistency Test
  • Low ACTIVA loading
  • Excellent homogeneity of the glass
  • Simple process of vitrification

Activa BioGreen

Activa is comprising of the igneous crystalline minerals formed naturally via a prehistoric volcanic eruption and subsequent prolonged hydrothermal transformation processes. Activa has the capability of emitting a life-invigorating FIR light for the application to the enhancement of fermentation of micro-organisms, water and wastewater treatments and agricultural productions.

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